new adventures

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it’s been over six months now that @jmdhh and i moved back together again and i started a new career back here in erlangen, germany. six very interesting and exciting months! the new job is exciting: i can make use … Continue reading

goodbye switzerland!

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after almost 17 years living & working in switzerland i am traveling back to germany for the last time today. it’s been a fantastic time. we learned a lot about us and about the swiss. we became friends with a … Continue reading

time to go…

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for the last couple of months every morning at 8:00 a tweet like the following has been showing up in my twitter timeline: no, i haven’t gone that insane: it’s a python script running on our server and calculating the … Continue reading

shipping forecast

ventnor-quay © 2002 dirk husemann

having just updated our squeezebox radios i re-found the BBC iplayer plugin. it’s been lingering in the depths of the squeezebox radio menus for ages, i guess, but i had never really checked it out. while waiting for @jmdhh to … Continue reading

a time trip to the 1950s

chaernehus - kino etzel © 2012 dirk husemann. all rights reserved.

even though the place we live at here in switzerland has a rather rural character — there are several livestock markets throughout the year down at the station square, very few regions regularly vote more conservative than ours — einsiedeln … Continue reading

smells & memory

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the other day @jmdhh and i were out shopping. while i was waiting at one of the shops i was “hit” by a smell of coffee — and immediately taken back to the apartment of my grandmother in the late … Continue reading

recipe: slow-roasted pork butt (blade)

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meat: 1kg pork butt (blade) crust: 1 glove garlic teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons italian herb mixture 1 teaspoon sweet paprika 3 tablespoons olive oil freshly ground pepper 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (aceto balsamico) pre-heat the oven to 80–90°C wash the … Continue reading

@jmdhh admiring the views…

enjoying the views from silver how © in the wee hours . All rights reserved.

m4s0n501 at the beginning of june @jmdhh and i spent two fantastic weeks in the english lake district — one of our walks took us up on top of silver how. the photo below shows @jmdhh enjoying the wonderful landscape … Continue reading