paperless home office, a different destination

i’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with the apparently ever growing paper mountain that accumulates at home: invoices, account statements, letters, and so forth — in stark contrast: just limited shelf space…for a while now i’ve been kicking an idea around in my head (very spacious in there, lot’s of opportunities to kick ideas around, just got to be careful that you don’t kick them out of sight): just collect all paper stuff in one large box — but before just dumping them i scan them in, using consecutive numbers for each file and copy that number to the scanned document…that way i’ll have everything readily accessible without having to dig through my folder collection on the shelf but will still be able to extract the original if needed…so, i’m scanning, scanning, scanning 🙂

the panorama hotel lohme unfortunately didn’t work out, we could have gotten the sayonara room but, while an improvement over the pop lips room we decide to give lohme a try another time and to try our luck one island to the left, err, west: fischland darß