isle of wight to erlangen…by train

while discussing travel arrangements for next years vacation in england (london & the isle of wight) we wondered whether it would be possible to get from the isle of wight (ryde, to be precise) to erlangen in one day…by train! to make it more interesting, we didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night, so a decent departure time, like 9 o’clock was desired…

so, off we go and ask the european train timetable oracle…which to our immense surprise returns the following schedule:

Station/Stop Date Time
Ryde Pier Head 01.06.06 dep 09:45   Schiff
Portsmouth Harbour 01.06.06 arr 10:03  
Portsmouth Harbour 01.06.06 dep 10:15   Zug
Snacks and beverages available
London Waterloo 01.06.06 arr 11:51  
London Waterloo 01.06.06 dep 11:51   35 min.
London Waterloo Int. 01.06.06 arr 12:26  
London Waterloo Int. 01.06.06 dep 12:40   EUROSTAR

Bruxelles-Midi EST 01.06.06 arr 16:10  
Bruxelles-Midi EST 01.06.06 dep 16:10   18 min.
Bruxelles-Midi 01.06.06 arr 16:28  
Bruxelles-Midi 01.06.06 dep 16:28   InterCityExpress
Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf 01.06.06 arr 19:41
Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf 01.06.06 dep 20:01  
Nürnberg Hbf 01.06.06 arr 22:29  
Nürnberg Hbf 01.06.06 dep 22:45   RegionalExpress
Erlangen 01.06.06 arr 23:01
Duration: 12:16; runs not every day, Days of operation
Border crossing: Aachen Süd(Gr)

which is not really that bad. were we to take a rental car, we’d have to drive all the way from southampton to heathrow, drop of the car, get to the terminal at least one hour early, endure the customary delays (pilot got locked in in the WC, co-pilot lost his key to the cockpit, & whatever else they’ll come up with…more inventive regarding excuses than we were back in high school those airline people, that’s for sure), the fly over (with nasty turbulences over the channel, over france, just after the start…”oh, look, there’s a thunderstorm that just popped up all of a sudden, sorry about that really, but we hope you enjoy the flight with us today”), then we’d have to change planes in frankfurt or munich or zurich (alternatively we could fly from luton but then we’d have to cross london and that would easily take us 12 hours alone ;-), then wait some more (fog in beijing causing delays in frankfurt or munich or zurich), then fly to nuremberg airport, get a taxi and be home probably around the same time — just completely knackered and unnerved.

so, take the train or take the plane? hmm….tough decision…LOL

p.s.: yes, clarkson would do that trip in a 1001 breakhorsepower lamburghini-mazda-aston-martin in a little under 5 hours (and could have done better if it hadn’t been for that tractor near the french border…)

stop press: WDR recovers web pages from 1956…

[the following article is rated SGR (some german required)]

just saw the link on spiegel online about the west german radio station WDR recovering their 1956 web site from their archives!

excellent archaeological work! they managed to completely restore their vintage 1956 web site. i particularly like the tv programme section:

  • on sunday, 1 january 1956 they had only three (3) broadcasts, while
  • on monday, 2 january 1956 they had an almost full programme with a rocking 9 broadcasts and a “switch-over at 21:25” (whatever that was). wow! those were the days…

you also might want to check out their blog…

cute 🙂

walking over dead bodies…or: a wimpy terminator

quite sad to read about the execution of tookie william last night. the common view by commentators seems to be that california’s governor, arnold schwarzenegger, did not grant clemency because of not wanting to his republican clientel to appear soft on crime — and in particular wanted to boost his image after having lost several referendums and elections in the last months.

mr william has been in prison for such a long time that in other, civilized, countries he’d have served a life sentence already. from what is reported of mr william, he seems to have done a 180° turn-around from his criminal past, has been instrumental in resolving gang wars in as far away places as new york, has been writing books for kids and teenagers in which he delivers a very strong message against joining gangs.

mr schwarzenegger nevertheless decided not to pardon mr william — mainly on the grounds that tookie william never regretted the crimes he’d been sentenced to death for. now, the reason why mr william didn’t apologized for those crimes is that he’s maintained since before his trial that he did not commit those crimes.

so, to get this straight: there is a man sentenced to death, sitting in death row for the most part of his life, has done a very convincing and effective 180° turn-around from his criminal past (has to all intents, facts, and purposes repented) and has always maintained his innocence about the crimes he’s been accused of — denying clemency on the grounds of him having never apologized for the crimes he is alleged to have committed is a rather arrogant and presumptuous position. arrogant and presumptuous because it assumes that that judgement was a correct and just judgement and it fails to acknowledge the history of wrongly assigned sentences and, even worse, death sentences.

in my opinion mr schwarzenegger literally walks over dead bodies to further his own “career” — and certainly is not man enough to grant a pardon to mr william. if you ask me: a rather wimpy terminator…