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QR code blog entry headeras you may have noticed, i’ve added QR codes to this blog. QR codes (which stands for “Quick Response codes”) are 2D bar codes that can be scanned and decoded using a mobile phone — [i’ve written about them earlier over on my professional blog][xyzzy-qr]. by clicking on the “QR code for this entry” link in the header of each blog entry you’ll get an overlay featuring the QR code for that blog entry — which you can then scan and bookmark using the camera of your mobile phone (provided you have one of the QR code readers[^1] installed or a pre-installed one on your phone)

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a snow shoe hike around brunni


with winter being here quite early this year and gorgeous weather this morning (-9.4°C in the morning & a clear sky) we take the 9:35 postbus to the _brunni restaurant_ station, don our gear and set off for furggelenstock: about 600m altitude meters to conquer. there are “lots” of other snow shoe hikers (well about 8) and a couple of [ski tourers][] — the later are struggling to get up the ascent it seems (at least we pass them easily on our snow shoes ;-). the trail is fantastic: we steadily climb up through snow covered trees, openings with more than 50cm of powery snow, pass tree branches carrying large icicles — picture book weather and landscape!

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from furggelenstock we continue on to brünnelistock, cross over the piste there (careful timing with the lift required ;-), descend to müsliegg and then up to rotenflue (summit #3 :-), have lunch in the sun (i muck around with one of our avalanche rescue shovels [you just need to test that equipment: much better to operate them with your gloves on then off, for example]), and then follow the piste first down the mountain then up to stäglerenegg where we decide to walk the variant described as “lonely but exciting” in our snow shoe hiking guide: we climb up to schwarzenstock (following a trail of a previous snow shoe hiker) and then continue onwards down to brunni by following the ridge: no trail this time, we create our own. it _is_ lonely, and it _is_ exciting: the first part is quite nice but then we are faced by some rather steep slopes, some of which we just slide down, some, however, we have to find a path around — in the end we arrive exhausted but happy at brunni again…

…and manage to catch the 16:05 postbus back to einsiedeln by running down the piste at brunni 🙂

* [view all our photos from this tour][pix]
* [view fullscreen slide show][slides]
* [google earth track with picture links][ge]

[pix]: “tour photo album”
[slides]: “online slide show”
[ge]: “load into google earth to view the map”
[ski tourers]: