we are just back from five fantastic days in [engadin][]! all of last week we went on a snowshoe hike each day — enjoying fantastic scenery, lots and lots of sunshine, and excellent food. the whole week was organized by the [dav summit club][] as part of their _genuss plus[^1]_ program, meaning we got to stay in [s-chanf][] in a very nice hotel with hot shower ensuite (!) and excellent 4-course dinner meals every night!

[dav summit club]:

[^1]: which translates as, roughly, “enjoyment plus”…roughly…


the engadin is one of the nicest areas of switzerland. i especially (given my vertigo) appreciated the rounded mountain tops without dramatic chasms! the language spoken there is [romantsch][], an ancient language with place names that could have come straight out of the _[lord of the rings][]_.

[lord of the rings]:

in case you are interested, [we’ve taken a couple of pictures for you to enjoy :-)][pixs]

also, here’s the list of [googleearth][] tracks for each day:

* [monday, 2008-02-18, muntische](
* [tuesday, 2008-02-19, piz murtiröl](
* [wednesday, 2008-02-20, piz campagnun](
* [thursday, 2008-02-21, munt griatschouls](
* [friday, 2008-02-22, chamanna d’es-cha](