last snowshoe tour of the season to take place!

the weather forecast for tomorrow is looking good! we are going to do the [last snowshoe tour of the season tomorrow!][gg] quite excited by it!

in case you are interested in joining: [contact fredi kälin of blue-dimension until 21:00 tonight!][fredi]


planned: the absolute last snowshoe tour this side of winter

our good friend and sometimes mountain guide [fredi kälin][] had [advertized a snowshoe tour to the gloggeentürmli][fredi-gg] in the [gotthard pass area][] — the precondition being that the pass itself got opened again and, of course, that we’ll have appropriate weather.

[fredi kälin]:
[gotthard pass area]:

well, the gotthard pass [was opened thursday a week ago][nzz-gotthard], now let’s see whether the weather plays along…


natural fission reactors

just stumbled across [an article on spiegel online about a new hypothesis that at the earth’s core is a giant nuclear reactor](,1518,553785,00.html) — the article mentions that there are _known_ natural nuclear reactors in [gabun]( googling for “natural nuclear reactors” returns [a page by the curtin university of technology]( fascinating reading.

of course the hypothesis mentioned in the _spiegel online_ article is so far just a hypothesis, but it would be a bit ironic if the “green” geothermal water heating technology turned out to be down to nuclear energy in the first place 😉