a new breakfast beverage, brigid’s well, rock of cashel

no “madame–baby” wake-up call this morning (i guess mr charming
realized that madame was already taking a shower when he called) but a bit of re-packing before breakfast as today we are relocating to
tralee in county kerry. having learnt from yesterday’s breakfast i
appear on the scene 15min early and order coffee (for me) and tea (for mrs d) along with my cooked breakfast — ms rough charme tries to force me to use the german breakfast menu but i stubbornly insists on
using the original. i while away the time until coffee and tea arrive
by reading the _irish independent_. at around 8:00 coffee, tea, _and_
toast arrive, 5min later mrs d and we are all set to start

…well, almost. when mrs d pours her cup of tea we are both a bit
surprised at how strong it turns out to be. that surprise is nothing,
though, compared to the surprise of mrs d when taking the first sip:
she pulls a face, looks quite a bit startled, then takes a peek at the
contents of her tea pot — and laughs: apparently the breakfast crew
is under quite a bit of stress and mistakenly filled her tea pot with
coffee and threw in a tea bag. our breakfast waitress is as surprised
as we and quickly remedies the situation.

at 9:00 we are all packed and ready to go. first stop today is
_brigid’s well_ in [kildare][]. the weather has improved (it’s no
longer raining) and we take this first spell of dry weather not only
to learn about brigid but also to learn about each other:
introductions! brigid’s well is in the middle of fields just outside
kildare and consists of an enclosed well at one end being “fed”[^1] by
the original well at the other end of the garden. the front part is
connected to the back part by a sequence of five stones (mini
_menhirs_) each standing for a certain characteristic of st
brigid. one sentence strikes a chord with me: “live in the here and
now and all will be well”

[kildare]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kildare

kildare cathedral is next on the program and impresses me with its
rather clean design and construction. not pompous at all.

a visit with sister mary of the [_centre for celtic
spirituality_][kildare-center-for-spirituality] concludes the morning:
sister mary explains about the briget order, its history and, again,
about celtic spirituality. rather interesting. and also located in an
interesting loation: right in the middle of a residential area in
kildare — which is, if you think about it, rather in-line with the
credo of celtic spirituality: god around us, within us, above us,
below us, in front of us, and behind us.

[^1]: “fed” in quotes as we later notice that the water level of the
original well at the end of the property is well below the pipe
leading to the enclosed well at the front of the garden — a bit
puzzling that.

[kildare-center-for-spirituality]: http://www.solasbhride.ie/solas-bhride.htm

after a rather spiritually engaging morning we leave kildare and are
on our way to the [_rock of
cashel_](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_of_cashel) in
tipperary. the trip from kildare to tipperary is not as long as it
used to be (“it’s a long road to tipperary…”) due a new highway
having just been opened. the weather has improved dramatically: the
sun’s out and about, the rain of yesterday a faint memory.

at rock of cashel we have a late little lunch in _granny’s kitchen_
then visit the castle.

it’s almost 19:00 when we reach our hotel for the next four nights,
the [_ballygarry hotel_ in tralee](http://www.ballygarryhouse.com/)
— decidedly an improvement over the last one: very nice rooms, and
dinner service actually delivers what’s written on the outside.

plus, it’s got working WLAN service 🙂

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  1. Wonderful to hear your description of St. Brigid’s well–and especially the five stones. I think I’d be struck by the here and now stone as you were… So hard to do these days when living in the past and planning for the future is all around us…

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