panorama picture experiment

last saturday mrs d and i did a snow shoe hike from alpthal stei up to hochstuckli and then across to biberegg. the views were fantastic, the snow was good 🙂 prompted by mrs d, i tried my hand at taking a set of pictures to assemble as a panorama later.1 here’s the result (you can use the mouse to drag the picture around):

[photonav height=400 animate=1 mode=drag url=’’]

i stitched it together using hugin — i’m quite pleased with it 🙂 let’s see how it turns out as a 120cm wide print.

  1. luckily i had my D700 set to RAW+JPG — i had forgotten to set the correct white balance. using ufraw i could correct that at home, first time really that i made use of those RAW files…