impressions from the maker faire

at the beginning of august i was at my first maker faire ever — a fantastic and exciting day as it turned out. it was the first german maker faire and was staged at hannover’s congress centre, a short bus ride from the main station.

not exactly living in northern germany i had a 4h train trip ahead of me which for once took place without any delays by Deutsche Bahn. the weather on arrival was fantastic. getting a ticket for the bus was easy, the bus itself was crowded — all going to the maker faire? seemed a bit far fetched. as it turned out, the zoo was a couple of stops before the congress centre, which is were most of the folks got off, but still a sizable crowd continued onwards to the maker faire.

getting a ticket over the internet ahead of time turned out to have been a good decision: there were fairly long queues at the till. once past the entry hall i was faced by a choice between the main hall to my right — chock full of people and lots of interesting stuff to be made out — and the exterior garden area. having just spent several hours on the train i went for the exteriors, saving the main hall for the rest.

cool stuff

a large area where the autocopter folks were showcasing all kinds of quadcopters — spent almost an hour just watching the various flying beasts whizzing through the air — or not when programmed to stay in place: they’d steadfastly refuse to go anywhere else even when pulled away. cool.

a steampunkish twitter terminal

ultimate laptop, steampunk version
ultimate laptop, steampunk version

interesting stuff

ct hacks stand with lots of interesting and enticing material: books about arduino projects, raspberry pi, tool kit (i bought the screwdriver set, yep), gimmicks.

HPV car tall bike
stall with interesting human powered vehicles.

electronic fairy creatures
electronic fairy creatures

Railuino Railuino — need to get my z-scale setup converted to digital!

teletypewriter over internet teletypewriter over IP — making a hell of a racket…

extending the old ball run with clever use of a motor and a magnet *extending the old ball run through clever use of a motor and a magnet

lego rules... lego rules…


lots of interesting stuff, very inspiring, fun. will go again next time.

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