I’ve been cleaning out the list of podcasts I’m listening to and have also added new ones:

  • long time favourite: this american life — interesting, thought provoking stories from the US
  • another podcast I look forward to every weekend: friday night comedy from BBC radio 4 — “container” style podcast featuring the now show, the news quizz (both top) as well as dead ringers (ugh, tend to skip those, forced humour) and the museum of curiosity (also not my favourite)
  • a new podcast I picked up just recently: crimetown — “Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, where organized crime and corruption infected every aspect of public life.” excellent real crime story telling.
  • long time podcast on my list: the bitterest pill — dan klaas reporting from under the flight-path in downtown LA. sometimes funny, always interesting.
  • another new find: ask me another — NPR hosted trivia show, funny, fun to try and “compete”.
  • kermode and mayo’s film review — BBC 5 live’s ranting & raving reviewers. if you interested in cinema, this podcast is the one to listen to.
  • 99% invisible — “99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” interesting stuff!
  • finally, also a new find: lore — “sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction”, replaces the sadly apparently defunct home town tales podcast.

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