tree #282…or: our last resting place

dsc_2429as we did last year, over the easter weekend mrs d and i stayed with the sisters of the [communität casteller ring][ccr-schwanberg] on the schwanberg again. in contrast to last year, when we had snow on good friday, this year the weather was just splendid with the sun shining from wednesday afternoon all the way through monday when we returned to erlangen.

i really enjoyed the “time out” from my job and from the day-to-day hustle and bustle and took the chance to think several things through and reach a kind of internal consensus on some of them.

ever since i’d seen american cemeteries with their open, park-like appearance — in contrast to the european but certainly in contrast to the german and swiss ones with their rows and rows of “burial allotments” — i had been fascinated[^1] with the concept of a friendly, open, and peaceful cemetery and found it sad that there was nothing comparable available in my home country, germany…

…until a couple of years ago when we learned about the _friedwald_ concept, where, after cremation, one gets buried next to a tree in a specially designated forest, the [_friedwald_][friedwald].

dsc_2486somewhere around 2006/2007 we learned during one of our stays on the schwanberg that a friedwald was going to be established on the schwanberg. ever since both mrs d and i had wanted to buy a final resting place for both of us there but somehow had never got around to it. so, this easter we went and acquired our last and final resting places: it’s tree #282, a lovely spot close to the old celtic wall.

you are welcome to visit 🙂

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[^1]: well, in a way. don’t get me wrong: i’m more fascinated with the living, with life than with death, so nothing to worry about.[^2]

[^2]: more than usual that is 😉

goodbye steve


this morning i learnt that on monday afternoon my very good friend steve wright died after a [motorbike accident in twyford.](

to say that i’m devastated and sad is an understatement.

all day long pictures of steve keep coming up: our first project together for a UK mobile phone operator, working frantically through the night to get the demo running next morning at 9:00 … steve picking mrs d and me up at the end of our southdowns walk last year and whisking us back out of the rain to warm and friendlz bigpath farm … steve taking care of their cat bramble … steve preparing the BBQ … us having a ridiculously expensive pint of guinness at disneyland paris … seemingly endless and escalating sametime exchanges of more and more ridiculous icons that we each had found on the internet … his two words of german “moin moin” with which he would start all his sametime sessions with me … DVDs with those missed topgear or dr who episodes arriving from the UK … steve taking us on a mini-pub crawl through pubs of hampshire … URLs with links to fantasticly looking new bikes … URLs to ridiculous stuff each of us had found on the internet … our planned trip to the bike exhibition in milano in three weeks, him as the CEO of bigpath enterprise, me as the bigpath enterprise sales director germany and switzerland … his “right!” when he’d just finished something … standing in line at the coffee bar in hursley … his shed full of bikes and bike parts … his wit… his humour … having a laugh with him…



we have lost a very good friend and i miss him terribly. our thoughts are with his family who must miss him even more.

here’s to you, steve! i hope we’ll see each other again some day!