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looking through drscofield’s twitter messages of the past couple of days i noticed [@pixelq’s twitter about “watching the world”]( and i had to head over to [youtube]( to watch this 3D internet masterpiece once more. IMHO it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of art (and it’s a pity it wasn’t on display in [basel recently](/2009/06/21/having-a-look-at-vincents-pictures)) — have a look yourself:

almost makes you cry…

what a walk

via [spiegel online][] i came across a fascinating [youtube][] video made by christoph rehage who after studying in [beijing][] decided to _walk_ home from beijing to [bad nenndorf][]. now, as you might have noticed, bad nenndorf is not exactly a chinese name[^1] but instead the name of a little town in norther germany, so quite a distance. in fact — and if you take a look at [christoph’s walking map][map], you quickly realize it yourself — just crossing china east to west is a bloody long walk. aside [from doing a photo blog about his experience][tlw], he also took a picture of himself everyday and assembled it into a video clip:

[spiegel online]:,1518,621990,00.html
[bad nenndorf]:

[have a look at his blog,][tlw] fascinating reading!

[^1]: though i’ve heard an american colleague (jokingly) passing off his german/austrian/swiss-originating name as being scottish to another american colleague — with the latter one believing it 😀


_[caution: advanced level german skills required]_

ever marveled at the pristine, clean appearance of the [swiss alps][]? ever wondered why the alps are just that tad more appealing here in switzerland?

[swiss alps]:

well, wonder no longer:

interestingly enough, there _is_ a tradition of cleaning the mountains, albeit not from bird droppings but from loose rocks, and it is an _austrian_ institution, the [bergputzer][].


natural fission reactors

just stumbled across [an article on spiegel online about a new hypothesis that at the earth’s core is a giant nuclear reactor](,1518,553785,00.html) — the article mentions that there are _known_ natural nuclear reactors in [gabun]( googling for “natural nuclear reactors” returns [a page by the curtin university of technology]( fascinating reading.

of course the hypothesis mentioned in the _spiegel online_ article is so far just a hypothesis, but it would be a bit ironic if the “green” geothermal water heating technology turned out to be down to nuclear energy in the first place 😉