new adventures

it’s been over six months now that @jmdhh and i moved back together again and i started a new career back here in erlangen, germany. six very interesting and exciting months!

the new job is exciting: i can make use of my skills to the fullest and can extend my horizon into areas that have always interested and fascinated me. i work for a small project engineering company that does high tech jobs in the nuremberg-erlangen-fürth metropolitan region — an interesting and very refreshing experience when coming from a comparatively humongous international company with over 400000 employees: we are just about 60 in total now 🙂 and it certainly helps to have extremely interesting colleagues with a good sense of humor 🙂

after roughly 17 years of commuting back and forth between germany and switzerland every weekend (@jmdhh mostly in the last 5 years) and having led a very scheduled life, it felt like getting de-pressurized these last 6 months and we look back in awe at the past 17 years. life has been easy… 😉 we’ve started on new adventures, though: exploring the franconian mountains, visiting old and new places on the southern shores of the baltic sea, joining a new church …

— oh, and we bought a house. 🙂 as you can see above it’s still under construction and will take another year until it’s finished and we can move it — but we are very excited and very much looking forward to it! it’s close to where we live now, so we’ll stay in the current part of town 🙂

quite some pain in the nether-regions…

at 10:00 this morning we started testing mountain bikes. our bike shop, _[freilauf][]_ had prepared a couple of bikes for us to test ride. north of [erlangen][] is the _burgberg_ (castle mountain, though there is (a) no castle left [was there ever one? hmm], and (b) it’s not a mountain on the swiss scale of mountains, really) and we used the uphill path as test circuit — meaning a 10min ride through town followed by 15min up the hill…

while mrs d bowed out of the exercise after trying two bikes, i keep on test riding — all in all i must have done the circuit about 6-8 times — and, yes, i did buy a mountain bike in the end 😉 but talk about “a pain in the …”


a “stroll” to atzelsberg & two mud monsters

after a rather sunny morning — which had us planning about doing a [walberla][] tour — the weather has turned rather gray and we instead decide to go downtown and get our walking sticks looked after (on one pair the telescoping parts very often won’t lock, quite annoying really) and get some more winter buffs.


afternoon sky above erlangen as seen from atzelsbergwe are back at around 14:45 and decide to take a stroll…which, when we get to the schwabach grund, we decide to extend a bit into the meilwald forest north of erlangen…once there we realize we might as well do it properly, and keep on “strolling” up to atzelsberg…

…about 30min later we arrive at the [_atzelsberger_ pub][] (the way was signed posted as a one hour walk 😉 and have an apple cake (mrs d), nürnberg sausages, sauerkraut & a [schlenkerla][] (me) — quite good 🙂

[_atzelsberger_ pub]:

atzelsberg, gasthof am schloßas it’s slowly getting darker outside, we start our way back to erlangen…outside the _atzelsberger_ we see a nice sloping track leading back in roughly the direction we need to go and give it try — about half way through it turns into a mud track and we start collecting half the track on our shoes! when we emerge on _terra firma_ again, we look like mud monsters…

still, a very nice “stroll” (not a walk technically, as it’s below the 10km mark).

* DrWhoWiki: [gasthaus _atzelsberger_](

a very nice dinner at cafè muskat

after an interesting birthday celebration (my mother-in-law) we went to café restaurant muskat in erlangen for dinner. it's located on the hauptstrasse just after the schlossplatz. we frequently go there as they only use organically grown stuff (but it's not just vegetarian they also have rather exciting meat and fish dishes). as erlangen is currently having its "fifth season", the bergkirchweih, most of the cafés are rather quiet in the evening (a steady stream of people was passing by, all on their way to the berg) and we enjoyed a quiet night out Smile … dinner was excellent! beer was quite good as well Smile

in my opinion one of the best café restaurants in erlangen. 

a very good pentecost worship service

being back in erlangen after our vacation it was a baptist worship service this morning — as today is pentecost and as our church is a tad on the charismatic side of things whereas i'm not really, i was a bit wary of things to come and expected to be treated to a hovercraft worship service (the one where all float out a couple of centimeters in the air afterwards). it turned out to be a very good service, celebrating the coming of the holy spirit into our lives. some points i took with me:

  • if we would be able to understand god, what kind of a god would that be? he would be no greater than us
  • it's not a question of do you have the holy spirit? but rather one of does the holy spirit have you?
  • while 1 corinthians 6:19 declares our body to be the temple of the holy spirit, and we should thus take good care of it, it's also OK to enlarge the temple from time to time… Wink

a good service.

erlangen–richmond…by train

09:51 — after an early start we leave a bit too early (my eternal fear of missing a train connection, yes, i know) and end up at erlangen station 20 minutes early Embarassed time enough to buy newspapers…the train to nürnberg is a bit delayed but not by much, we arrive ontime in nürnberg, get some food on board for the trip to frankfurt airport — and the IC 2028 arrives on time and leaves on time! nice Smile

next item on the agenda: getting a cup of tea on a bahn.bonus voucher(i finally succeeded in getting my 1500 bahn.bonus points converted into five €5 vouchers, the first set was lost in transit from germany to switzerland, the second set eventually made it [and they can't send it to an address different from the "billing" address, otherwise we could have tried our erlangen address, hmph] — so there's a set of €5 bahn.bonus vouchers somewhere out there in the void between germany and switzerland, grab it if you see it floating by!)