shipping forecast

having just updated our squeezebox radios i re-found the BBC iplayer plugin. it’s been lingering in the depths of the squeezebox radio menus for ages, i guess, but i had never really checked it out. while waiting for @jmdhh to return i decided to give the iplayer plugin a spin.

for some reasons i narrowed in on BBC4 and encountered old friends such as “the now show” (which i regularly listen to via their podcast) or less known shows such as the intriguingly named “life: an idiot’s guide” (need to check that one out). the one that takes the biscuit, though, is the “shipping forecast”. not the 5:20 GMT one β€” too wordy the context of that one β€” but the 0:48 GMT one, nicely framed in music β€” the ante-music being Sailing By, the post-music being the british national anthem concluded by the BBC pips (all according to wikipedia’s Shipping Forecast entry πŸ™‚ β€” and being the fully extended version.

i found it rather soothing πŸ™‚ you can give it a go via the BBC iplayer.

a very nice day


it’s wednesday, my birthday πŸ™‚ today’s plan is to go into ambleside for some shopping (looking for a golf umbrella sturdy enough to serve as a walking stick, preferably with a straight wooden handle to fit a camera tripod head to it [using something like a 3/8–1/4 bushing or so]), then on to brantwood for lunch and a walk through the woods and garden — quite looking forward to that!

after yet another very good breakfast (the plan had been to have kippers for breakfast [“Look! Kippers for breakfast.” — not quite jane austen, but pretty close :-)], but i chickened out as the ones another couple were having were permeating the room with a rather fishy smell), we are off to ambleside.

after a round of shopping (fleece jackets!) we take the road from ambleside via skelwith bridge to coniston and then follow the narrow road around the north end of coniston water to brantwood. after a lunch on the terrace of the cafe we spent a very nice, relaxed afternoon there and conclude with tea outside.

the drive back is a bit of an adventure as the road from how head to hawkshead hill is among the most narrow roads we’ve taken so far — and the natives are not afraid of speed (and speed braking) :-}

back at the drunken duck we celebrate my birthday with a “sumptious dinner” :-)…all in all a very nice birthday…thx!