shipping forecast

having just updated our squeezebox radios i re-found the BBC iplayer plugin. it’s been lingering in the depths of the squeezebox radio menus for ages, i guess, but i had never really checked it out. while waiting for @jmdhh to return i decided to give the iplayer plugin a spin.

for some reasons i narrowed in on BBC4 and encountered old friends such as “the now show” (which i regularly listen to via their podcast) or less known shows such as the intriguingly named “life: an idiot’s guide” (need to check that one out). the one that takes the biscuit, though, is the “shipping forecast”. not the 5:20 GMT one β€” too wordy the context of that one β€” but the 0:48 GMT one, nicely framed in music β€” the ante-music being Sailing By, the post-music being the british national anthem concluded by the BBC pips (all according to wikipedia’s Shipping Forecast entry πŸ™‚ β€” and being the fully extended version.

i found it rather soothing πŸ™‚ you can give it a go via the BBC iplayer.