time to go…

for the last couple of months every morning at 8:00 a tweet like the following has been showing up in my twitter timeline:

no, i haven’t gone that insane: it’s a python script running on our server and calculating the difference to 13 september 2012. what’s so special about that date? well, it’s the date of my last day at work here in switzerland.

after almost 17 years in switzerland — i started working here back in 1996 – we have decided to call it a day for our “swiss adventure” and join forces again back in erlangen. i’ll start working for a very interesting and exciting high tech company in erlangen (more on that in the future). @jmdhh and i are very excited about this new chapter in our life and really are looking forward to living together again (we’ve been commuting over the weekends between germany and switzerland for the last 17 years). no longer 16 hours train travel on the weekend, just one apartment to support, much more time together!

and, yes, we’ll miss the mountains, the fantastic landscapes, the many walks we’ve been able to undertake, and we’ll miss those really good friends we’ve made. the stiftschor of the abbey of einsiedeln with its weekly choir practice followed by pizza and beer in the klostergarten will leave a gaping hole in my life.

there is an old german saying about moving on with a weeping eye and a laughing eye: in our case the laughing eye is, admittedly, larger than the weeping eye and we are looking forward to come october.

as you can above see i’ve started wrapping things up and packing the boxes. the movers will come and pick up our stuff on 19 september, deliver it at @jmdhh‘s place on the 20th, i’ll stay behind for two days to hand over the apartment and then leave switzerland on friday, 21 september by train — the same way we arrived back in 1996.

time to go.